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Photo of Matt Moran

For the past two decades, Matt Moran has coached professionals all across the globe, helping individuals and teams to present themselves, both internally and to the external marketplace, with excellence and precision. Through his training and one-on-one coaching, Matt has worked with Fortune 500 companies in nearly every industry, transforming the often daunting task of public presentation into one of simplicity and confident ease.


By balancing theory with practice, Matt works intuitively to fine tune each individual's presentation style, and is often regarded for his unique ability to connect almost instantly with even the most skeptical course participants. Industry leaders such as Dell, Capital One Bank, Baker Hughes, and Johns Hopkins University continue to collaborate with Matt to keep their executives at the top of their game.


In addition to his coaching, Matt frequently serves as a host/emcee at corporate and entertainment events throughout the U.S. and Europe. He is also an accomplished songwriter, with songs recorded by Grammy-winning and multi-platinum artists, as well as performed on Larry King, The View, CNN, Regis and Kelly, and Good Morning America. He is a featured columnist in several nationally known magazine publications, and continues to balance his passion for improving both individual and team performance with his love of music and the arts.


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