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Do you...

  • Present quarterly updates to company investors or board members?

  • Regularly deliver directives, updates, etc., to your executive board or management team?

  • Construct and deliver keynotes of any kind?

  • Speak on-camera?

  • Conduct one-on-one or group meetings that require clear communication that leads directly to action?


For the past 16 years, Matt has coached C-Suite level executives at DELL, Morgan Stanley, BP, Johns Hopkins, as well as many other private and publicly traded companies, helping them master the art of communication that leads to results. Once he has learned your specific challenges and goals, Matt will work with you to tailor a coaching program that suits your schedule and needs, focusing on any or all of the below concepts and techniques.


No two people want the exact same thing out of a presentation.

Learn about the Four Basic Behavioral Styles, and what each of them wants out of a presentation.

  • Identify the presentation and listening habits of each of the Four Behavioral Styles

  • Determine which behavioral style an individual 'leads with' in various communicative environments, and how to effectively speak his or her “language”

  • Identify the “cues and clues” given by the different behavioral styles in order to determine how to best tailor your presentation for maximum impact


Audiences make judgments about speakers in just seven seconds.


Learn how to structure the opening of your presentation in a way that will capture your audience’s attention right out of the gate, and effectively set the tone for your presentation as a whole.

  • Decide what information to include in the presentation, and how to organize that information in the most effective manner

  • Creatively “hook” your audience in the first 10-15 seconds

  • Clearly and concisely frame your presentation title/goal in a manner that capture’s your audience’s interest and attention

  • Immediately communicate confidence, competence, and credibility

  • Inspire your audience to want to keep listening


Over 60% of our believability stems from how we “look” while presenting.


Sixty. Percent.


You’ll learn how to stand and move in ways that project confidence, competence, and credibility.

  • The importance of the “first impression,” and how to make one

  • Techniques for “wowing” your audience without saying a word

  • Using gestures to “double down” on your message’s overall impact

  • Connect authentically to your audience in a way that inspires them to trust you


If utilized to its fullest capacity, the voice alone can become an incredibly powerful tool.


You’ll learn how to use your voice in ways that draw your audience in, and inspire them to act.

  • Command the attention of your audience without coming off as arrogant

  • Learn vocal tricks that create interest and intrigue for your audience

  • Use suspense and the “unpredictability factor” to maintain audience engagement

  • "Own" the room. Period.


Attention spans don’t typically last all that long.


You’ll learn how to structure your message in a manner that is both engaging and easy-to-follow.

  • Discover how to craft your story in a powerful, memorable way

  • Master the art of the transitioning between topics

  • Learn how to truly influence your audience’s thoughts and beliefs around your topic

  • Convey your value proposition with both humility and authority

  • Transfer knowledge in a manner that allows for long-term retention

  • Tackle difficult or highly complex subject matter with ease and eloquence

  • Learn the importance of “the close” and how to leave your audience wanting more


Additional Coaching Topics:

  • Interviewing/Moderating Skills

  • Facilitating Q&A Sessions with ease

  • Building Effective Powerpoint Decks

  • Dealing with Difficult Audiences

  • Sales Presentations

  • Leading Conference Calls

  • Technical Presentations

  • Storytelling

  • Etc.


"For the past six years, Matt has been my 'go-to' guy for all things 'presentation' related. He's MY personal speaking coach, and the #1 person I turn to for coaching my teams to success."
CEO, Charles & Colvard
Suzanne Miglucci
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