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Think you have what it takes to become a POWERHOUSE SPEAKER and STORYTELLER?

You're right.

Stellar communication skills aren’t rocket science. 


But how we acquire these skills MATTERS.  


In today’s era, attention spans have drastically dwindled, and for the current generation, traditional webinars and lengthy training sessions are tedious and unappealing.  


When you invest your valuable time and resources in communications coaching and training for yourself or your teams, you rightfully deserve an experience that leverages the latest learning techniques and interactive tools.  


You deserve to FEEL change happening as the program progresses…


…and to witness clear, measurable results at its conclusion.   


With me, training and coaching are anything but old school

Here's how I do it...

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Every individual and team is unique, and as a result, relying solely on pre-packaged content is rarely enough. While I do provide coaching on the fundamental aspects of effective communication and presentation, my approach goes beyond that. I make it a priority to comprehend the specific challenges and objectives of my clients in order to customize the training program accordingly. This is not just empty talk; I genuinely follow through on this commitment.

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Every individual has their own unique way of learning, and it's crucial that no participant feels excluded or left behind in a coaching program. To ensure an inclusive learning experience, I integrate the seven memetic styles of learning into my program development and delivery. This approach guarantees that every participant emerges from the program feeling enthusiastic and empowered, as I recognize the significance of both aspects in the learning journey.

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In the year 2024, capturing and maintaining people's attention requires a creative approach. That's precisely why my training programs leverage interactive videos, animations, music/sound effects, engaging Q&A sessions, polls, and a generous dose of humor to enhance the learning experience. It's a proven fact that laughter facilitates better learning outcomes, and I embrace this principle wholeheartedly.

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To accommodate the limited attention span prevalent in today's world, my programs are typically structured in bite-sized "bursts" complemented by concise coaching sessions. This approach enables participants to grasp a new skill, put it into practice, receive valuable feedback, and then revisit for further learning. By adopting this iterative process, I ensure effective skill acquisition and continuous improvement.

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I recognize that budgets and availability can present challenges. Therefore, I offer flexible options that can be tailored to accommodate your specific needs. My offerings can be customized in terms of scope and scale, empowering you as the client to choose the program iteration that best aligns with your organization and teams.

Would you like to see a demonstration? 


Email me, or give me a call at 615-429-7780.



Matt Moran

For the past two decades, Matt has coached professionals all across the globe, helping individuals and teams to present themselves both internally and to the external marketplace with excellence and precision. Through his training and one-on-one coaching, Matt has worked with Fortune 500 companies in nearly every industry, transforming the often daunting task of personal and public presentation into one of simplicity and confident ease.

​By balancing theory with practice, Matt works intuitively to fine tune each individual's presentation style, and is often regarded for his unique ability to connect almost instantly with even the most skeptical course participants. Industry leaders such as Dell, Capital One Bank, Baker Hughes, and Johns Hopkins University continue to collaborate with Matt to keep their executives at the top of their game. 


In addition to his coaching, Matt frequently serves as a host/emcee at corporate and entertainment events throughout the U.S. and Europe. He is also an accomplished songwriter, with songs recorded by Grammy-winning and multi-platinum artists, as well as performed on Larry King, The View, CNN, Regis and Kelly, and Good Morning America. He is a featured columnist in several nationally known magazine publications, and continues to balance his passion for improving both individual and team performance with his love of music and the arts. 



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“Matt turned my already-solid content and presentation skills on their ear. Not only did he help me tweak the content of my presentations, so I'm constantly hooking my audience back in, he gave me incredible insight into how different audience members are perceiving and judging speeches differently, according to their personality types. I highly recommend Matt – he'll help you take your presentations to a whole new level!”

Executive Life & Business Coach, Speaker

Chance Scoggins

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